New possible whale species found in Baja California

The specimen was found by conservationists on the islands of San Benito

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Researchers working with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society believe they have found a new type of whale off the west coast of Mexico.

The previously unknown specimen was located 100 miles north of the San Benito Islands, located almost on the edge of the municipality of Ensenada, near Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur.

The scientists, whose expedition was led by Dr. Gustavo Cárdenas Hinojosa, observed three beaked whales emerging from the waters, which emit an unidentified acoustic signal in the area.

Several photographs, videos and audio were taken by the team, who are sure that the acoustic evidence reveals a completely new species of whale. Environmental genetic sampling, performed at the time of the sighting, is being analyzed and is expected to definitively prove the existence of this new species.

This finding was made in collaboration with CONANP's Marine Mammal Research Group along with Dr. Jay Barlow and Dr. Elizabeth Henderson, leader of the NIWC PAC Whale Acoustic Survey Program, available to the Sea Shepherd Scientific Department, whose objective is the study of cetaceans present in the waters surrounding San Benito Islands.

"We saw something new. Something that was not expected in this area, something that does not coincide, either visually or acoustically, with anything that is known to exist. It just sends shivers down my spine when I think we could have achieved what most people would say is really impossible: finding a large mammal that exists on this earth and is totally unknown to science".

Dr. Jay Barlow said.

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