Tijuana native releases healthy recipe book: "The Happy Keto Cookbook"

Andrea Beatriz shares with us rich, healthy and delicious dishes that benefit our organism

Tijuana's Andrea Beatriz has released a recipe book called "The Happy Keto Cookbook", an alternative for culinary world enthusiasts that promises to guide you to prepare your favorite dishes in a healthy way without the need to sacrifice taste.

In an exclusive interview with the author, she tells us a little about the influence of the foods presented in this publication.

They are recipes from my favorite foods, recipes that I've tried, that I've experienced, even some that I've invented, inspired mainly by Mexican cuisine and other places, American, Mediterranean, Asian, with pizzas, lasagnas, with sushi bowls. So it's basically the compilation of the work I've done in my kitchen.

Andrea is an engineer, a certified functional trainer and a cultural promoter, but her passion for cooking and a personal story led her to create this recipe book.

"My doctor recommended that I start a ketogenic diet because of my high insulin resistance that was causing hormonal disorders, combined with family genetics that are prone and highly prone to developing diabetes".

This is extremely important because Mexico ranks ninth in the world in terms of diabetes, according to data from the World Health Organization, so having a prescription booklet that is adapted to the needs and tastes of those who suffer from this disease is essential.

With that in mind, these dishes are part of the "Keto" diet, which began to gain popularity a few years ago, and consists of eating foods rich in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Among its benefits, they help control appetite, sugar cravings improve blood pressure, regulate blood insulin levels, strengthen the immune system and increase energy.

"Keto" gets its name from "ketones", fuel molecules that arise from the breakdown of the molecular chains of fats.

The author emphasized that in "The Happy Keto Cookbook" people will also find a sweet option: "We even bring desserts, crepes, red velvet cakes, cheese cakes, ice cream".

Speaking about the star dishes that people have liked the most, Andrea said:

For me, the top it's the pizza, it's super delicious. It's almond flour based and really tastes like pizza dough, and the secret is the yeast in it. We serve it with a special ham or a vegetable.

Another of its specialties are the chilaquiles, with Keto tortillas and a special sauce with chiles.

Among the alternative ingredients used in the different dishes are almond flour, cauliflower, flaxseed, avocado, erythritol as ''sweetener'', parmesan cheese, among others.

“The Happy Keto Cookbook” is now available on Amazon Kindle MX and USA .

For more information please visit the official website:

Watch the full interview down here:


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