Seafood without banda? Yes, Tijuana has a place

This seafood restaurant with a totally different environment was undertaken by these brothers from Mexicali

Photo by: Ariday Ortega

Seafood is not only consumed by "buchones" (people who like to dress in Ed Hardy, Dolce & Gabana, wear fine jewelry and fanny packs in which they supposedly hide weapons and money, and are usually from Sinaloa), this place in Tijuana, thought of those who enjoy a sunny day, and a very cold beer, but without banda and corridos (Mexican music genres). Here we leave you this hidden gem located in Otay Constituyentes. You’re welcome!

The Laguna Salada Cevichería was born of three brothers from Mexicali and their urge of bringing new fusions and flavors, in a quiet environment, leaving banda aside. Not only to delight their customers with the freshness of their dishes but also with reggae, and rock music in Spanish and English.

Ever since they were little, their life revolved around seafood. Inspired by their father, who worked for 30 years at Los Arcos restaurant, and 22 years of experience in different restaurants from the oldest brother, the dream of opening their own restaurant was taking shape. The Cevichería opening its doors in December 2016.

The style of Laguna Salada is Californian, which will make you feel as if you were near the sea. Also, their dishes, such as Salsipuedes ceviche or Pacific Beach ceviche, offer an explosion of sensations that will captivate your palate.

Ceviche Salsipuedes
Ceviche Salsipuedes
Ceviche Pacific Beach
Ceviche Pacific Beach

Do you love spicy food? Try Salsipuedes! This is a mixture of five selected peppers with cucumber, purple onion, clamato and hot sauce. If you prefer a tropical flavor, then Pacific Beach is for you! It has ingredients such as fresh tuna, purple onion, cucumber, pineapple, special oriental sauce and a touch of tamarind.

Each of their dishes are named after places in Baja California and their recipes are unique, you’ll not be able to find them anywhere else!

And if you love tacos, you can't leave this restaurant without trying Cerro Colorado, a recipe that has a crust of cheese on a tortilla and spicy shrimp or shrimp with butter, cabbage, pico de gallo, cream and chipotle sauce. Or you can try their new Centinela recipe, which consists of quesadillas of flour or nopal tortillas, with marlin and shrimp machaca, tomato, avocado and chipotle sauce.

It should be noted that tacos, ceviches, broths, cocktails or steaks are not the only delicious thing about Laguna Salada, as you can combine it with the fascinating fusions of agua fresca Mexican flavored water) of the day, which includes combinations from Guava-Pineapple and Jamaica-Guava, to Mango -Pineapple and Strawberry-Mango. And of course, you can’t miss the national and craft beers of Insurgente and Colomita.

You have the option of deciding where to eat, either on the patio or the second floor. Although soon, the top floor will be converted into a show room where people can choose the fish of their choice from a fish tank, which will be prepared instantly.

Now you know, next time you want to eat delicious seafood without banda accompanying your meal, Cevichería Laguna Salada has a spot for you.


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