85% of Mexico's population consumes pirate products

The IMPI wants to alert the people to stop doing such practices

Photo by: Imagen de PublicDomainPictures en Pixabay

The Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial, IMPI, (The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property) revealed that 85 percent of Mexicans agreed to have bought and consumed “pirate” products.

The head of the IMPI, Juan Lozano, led the destruction of more than five million "pirate" articles, where he said that the population believes that it is not bad to acquire piracy products.

However, he said it is necessary to raise awareness that piracy is a phenomenon orchestrated by organized crime that negatively impacts the national economy.

In the esplanade of the Institute, more than five million "pirate” items were destroyed, including razors, cell phone chargers and even lady bags with designer brand.

The IMPI explained that this destruction is the largest in the history of the institution.

According to the IMPI, these preliminary data arise from a field work whose sampling was of two thousand 800 people surveyed in 12 cities of the country, to Mexicans aged 15 to 65 years.

Original source at Noticias MVS


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