La Catrina, The Clam Chowder with Pan de Muerto

The recipe was created in a Pan de Muerto contest and now is one of the most demanded in the restaurant

Photo by: La Catrina, el cremoso de la Baja

El Faro de la Baja in Tecate made a delicious combination with the Pan de Muerto when it was integrated as a base to serve a cream with seafood and thus, we have a Mexican version of the traditional Clam Chowder, or clam cream that is well known in the United States since the late nineteenth century. In Tecate they innovated the recipe and now we have a new favorite plate.

The recipe emerged in 2018, the challenge they entered was to create a dish for the Day of the Dead, so at El Faro they decided to make a salted dead bread with enough consistency to serve sautéed shrimp with herbs covered in a chipotle cream alongside of a sweet and citrus salad with strawberry and grapes, a combination that balances the flavors in the palate.

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El Faro de la Baja achieved a god recognition in Tecate and that contest has caused more diners to arrive asking for the creamy ‘‘La Catrina’’. After the Day of the Dead season, the chef decided to keep the recipe of the bread to keep in the menu since people really liked it a lot.

The salad works as the sweet balance of the food, it works as a space on the palate to finish the vast dish that leaves everyone satisfied.

As a big plus, I must say that when ordering the creamy La Catrina the restaurant welcomes you with a traditional fish balls soup and there is an amazing roasted sauce that you will fall in love with!

El Faro is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon and is a little hidden on the highway Tijuana to Tecate, at the end of Boulevard Los Encinos you turn to the right and you should be able to locate it.


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