A weight loss diet, eating bread!

Experts say that bread helps balancing the diet

People normally say that if you eat a lot of bread you may get fat and if you want to lose weight you should exclude it from your diet, but is it really true?

Contrary to what is thought, nutritionists say it is a mistake after pointing out that bread contains fiber and carbohydrates that are necessary for a healthy and balanced diet.

The specialists in medicine and nutrition have revealed something really interesting "you can eat bread and lose weight at the same time", but you must include in your diet the healthiest type of bread.

Dr. Félix Gómez-Guillamon Arrabal, a specialist in Internal Medicine and an expert in Nutrition at the Hospital USP in Marbella (Málaga, Spain), published a book entitled "Lose weight eating bread".

This book indicates that, generally, when starting a weight loss diet, the first thing that most people do is stop eating bread. But by lowering our carbohydrate and fiber index, digestion slows down and we end up suffering from constipation and lack of energy.

According to the specialist, we all need two basic elements to live: "oxygen and glucose". Glucose is essential for our brain since this organ needs 20% of our energy and it is precisely glucose that feeds it.

When we eat bread, our body retains half of the glucose. One part is converted into energy and the other part feeds the liver. The glucose is important for this organ because it helps it carry out many of its functions, however, the problem arises when there is an "excess" of glucose. When this happens, our body tends to retain water, and for this reason we often seem swollen.

Meanwhile, bread does not make us fat, but the risk is in what we include with the bread and the type of bread we choose.

So, what kind of bread should we consume? According to a study from the University of Toronto, foods made with wheat and other whole grains showed effective weight loss properties, including:

1. Whole wheat bread, whole wheat rye bread and other types of high fiber bread.

2. Wheat bran, high fiber granola and whole wheat breakfast cereals.

3. Cooked cereals such as oatmeal, corn grits, cream of wheat and broken wheat.

If you decide to diet, you will not suffer from leaving the bread apart, it is only a matter of choosing the right one and balancing your consumption.

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