350 Couples Got Married At Malecon of Playas de Tijuana

The mayor said the family is the nucleus of society, therefore marriage is a sign of commitment between two contracting parties that must be maintained with love, respect and admiration between the two

Tijuana.- 350 couples got married at Malecon Playas de Tijuana in a collective ceremony led by mayor Jorge Astiazaran.

"Today you have the privilege to marry and to comply in a timely manner the requirements of this document that legally binds you, congratulations for deciding to have a relationship based on understanding and equality," said the mayor.

As part of the activities, there were given 350 marriage applications to people of all nine municipal delegations. Gifts and musical presentations were also part of the event.

The ceremony was attended by: Councillor of the Family Law Comission, Rosa Martínez; Official 01 from Civil Registration, Maria Calderon; official 04 of Playas de Tijuana, Irma Velasquez, and relatives of the parties.

After all, getting married in front of the beach is not bad at all. This type of events help the community and teaches us that a definitive union is not that hard to reach.

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[p]Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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