Tijuana Journalist Protest Violent Acts Against Members of the Mexican Press

Reporters and photographers gathered at the San Yisidro port of entry to make their voices heard.

After the recent wave of attacks on Mexican journalists from Oacaxa, Tamaulipas, and Ciudad Juarez, a group of Tijuana journalists expressed their solidarity with these reporters and photojournalists that have been harassed or murdered for doing their job.

"Killing journalists won't kill the truth" is one of the phrases that could be read in this protest, which took place between the San Ysidro port of entry vehicle lanes, where these journalists momentarily suspended their work to protest in solidarity for their colleagues and peers in Mexico's territory, including those who were killed to silence the truth; they include Elidio Ramos Zárate in Oaxaca, Zamira Esther Luna in Tamaulipas, and several more from Mexican news networks in Oaxaca.

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