Nine Different Parties are Pushing to Annul Tijuana's Recent Election

Irregularities stemmed from corrupt practices and incompetence are cited as the reason.

After yesterday's announcement that the Baja California Baja California State Electoral Institute (IEEBC) would ask for an extension to deliver the results in Tijuana, nine different parties divided in two separate fronts are now looking to annul the election as a whole. They cite acts of corruption and inconsistencies in the official counting process as their reasons.

The Social Encounter Party and their candidate, Julián Leyzaola, are heading this effort in coalition with the Humanist Party, Baja California Party, and the newly created Peninsular California and Municipal parties. Leyzaola insisted on the numerous instances of corruption during the electoral process, saying that it broke any sense of certainty and that "it's undignified to win in such conditions and with that small of a margin".

The second group is composed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), along with the New Alliance, Labor and Green parties, their coalition during the election.

"When the Law is broken, results are neither valid nor legitimate, that is why the State Electoral Institute had its General Council annulled, recognizing the terrible ineptitude of their councilors", said the president of PRI's National Executive Committee, Leobardo Alcalá Padilla.

A report with these irregularities and the legal bases on which with the annulment is being demanded will be presented to an electoral court, which then will have to deliberate on their validity.


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