Baja's Election Authority Orders Recount of Almost 60% of Sunday's Vote

Fifty-seven percent of the urns will be reopened to count the ballots and compare results with preliminary counts.

After several irregularities and acts of corruption were reported during and after Baja California’s recent election for mayor in Tijuana and the preliminary count results, the State Electoral Institute (IEE) governing council has decided to make a vote-by-vote recount all over the state.

The state’s Electoral Institute (IEE) Council agreed to reopen 1,314 ballot boxes for the official count.

These boxes are to be opened, counted individually and the results compared with the numbers that are marked on the official acts, which were signed by the polling station representatives and the parties themselves.

Fifty-seven percent of Tijuana’s ballot boxes for mayor will be opened, a small number compared to Ensenada’s 93.3% and Rosarito’s 86.16%, municipalities where the IEE stated there were much more inconsistencies with the preliminary results.

Regarding local deputies, 67.16% of Tijuana’s ballot boxes will be reopened, 42.77% in Mexicali, and 45.8% in Tecate. Once again, Ensenada and Rosarito had the most irregularities, with 87.58% and 93.33%, respectively.

The recount session for each individual district begun this Wednesday, and a date will be tentatively set on Friday to announce the elected candidates, and let parties decide if they will take legal action against what they perceive to be irregularities with this process.


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