Mexican Supreme Court Sides Again With Gay Marriages

Marriage equality in the country is closer than ever

MEXICO CITY.- According to the Supreme Court of Justice any law that forbids marriage between two people of the same sex is unconstitutional. Having this as an ally, many gay couples have fought for their rights, resulting in the legalization of gay marriage in the country without law enshrining.

The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that any law forbidding marriage between two people of the same sex, is unconstitutional. Is equality now within the reach of every Mexican? Not quite.

Although it has yet to be made legal in all 29 states, Mexico can now be accounted as one of the countries in Latin America who allow same sex unions in a de facto manner, almost alongside countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. However, small this list may be, it's constantly increasing a slow yet steady pace.

In Mexico, thanks to the Supreme Court's acknowledgement of international anti-discrimination treaties as superseding even its constitution, today, gay couples can be granted an injunction , provided by district judges, allowing them to marry in case the state they're in forbids it, much like what has already happened in many places, even Baja California. The difference now, with this new court ruling, is that any district judge can (and is obligated to) grant it. The Court also ruled that, while they won't force states to remove any gay marriage bans in their books, they have to marry any gay couple granted an injunction.

While this may seen like a bright light towards marriage equality, unfortunately, hostility, religions and some bureaucratic obstacles remain put. This is is due to the fact that many couples aren't aware of the legal tools they can use they in court in order to be granted permission to get married. Nonetheless, this process is expensive and takes a long time, practically limiting their right to get married based on whether they can afford a lawyer or not.

The country is halfway through the tunnel of achieving a landmark decision, whichever the results may be there is no way of knowing how many people will support it or suddenly create significant backlash against it.

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