"Forgotten Heroes": Every Soldier Of The 'E Company'

These army men fought of the U.S. during World War II

In spite of their heroic acts, it's very rare to hear speak of them, not even on Memorial Day are they remembered. The soldiers of the 'E Company', known as the only Mexican-American division to fight in World War II,

the 'E Company' fought against the Nazis in the South of Italy, helping to free Rome in 1994, many of them died during the crossing go Río Rápido, however it seems to be that their bravery wasn't enough to be commemorated.

This type of story should be spread out through American History, given that many times these soldiers are seen as 'armistices.' Arnulfo Hernández, co-author of the book, 'The Toughest Chicano Soldiers Of WWII: Company E of El Paso', mentioned during a telephone interview that "books read by American students don't talk about us, and if they're going to keep omitting us, it's our burden to tell our stories,"

David Hernández, author of 'Patriots from the Barrio', considers ironic the fact that Mexican-Americans defended U.S democracy and Civil Rights, only to come back to a country where they found signs that banned them from entering restaurants and public places.

Signs that read 'No dogs, no colored people and no Mexicans' was something common. Out of the 250 soldiers who were part of the E Company, only 5 remain alive, all seniors in their 90s. On June 4th, the mayor of El Paso, Texas will honor them with the keys of the city, declaring this date as 'The E Company Day.'

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