Remebering the Master: Charlie Chaplin

Today is his birthday!

You know who he is, with that tinny wiggly mustache, the hat, the subtle yet not unnoticeable eyeliner, the cane, the infamous walk and that raggedy but still always on point suit. Yes, we're talking about the one and only Charlie Chaplin, who today is would be turning 126.

Born in London, Chaplin started what would turned out to be an outstanding career as a child artiste, becoming a worldwide icon thanks to his screen person as "The Tramp" during the silent film era. With a career span of over 75 years Charlie Chaplin encompassed adulation as much as he created controversy.

On this day, as a way to remember him, here are some fun facts of this one of a kind film master:

    Born on April 16th, 1889, Chaplin was only 6 days older than Adolf Hitler He got married 4 times, being one of the first celebrities to ever have a Hollywood scandal After suspicions of he being a communist were revealed his imprint was removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Since he refused to become a U.S citizen, Chaplin was exiled from the U.S in 1953

Happy birthday to the master of silent films!

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