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These are the breweries that will be in "Ensenada Beer Fest 2015"

It gets better every year

Today, Francisco J. Talamante, one of this popular event organizers revealed through the Facebook group Beer Lovers Tj the list of breweries and distributors that will be featured in this year's "Ensenada Beer Fest".

This festival is the best of its kind and it will take place next March on the 20th and 21st, with the first day being full of conferences and the second one just for celebration.

Everyone who has attended before knows that this is an event that gets better every year, so without further a due here are the breweries that will participating in this grand event:

    Ramuri (Tj) Bcb (Tj) Marinera (Ens) Wendlant (Ens) Agua Mala (Ens) Beer Nights (Ros) Cuatro Veintes (Ens) 159 (Ens) Urbana (Mxli) Puerco Salvaje (Mxli) Amante (Mxli) Fauna (Mxli) 3b (Mxli) Fusion (Tj) Heisenberg (Ens) Donkey Punch (Tj) Monastica (Tj) Calafia (Tj) Raya (Ens) Muñeca Prieta (Tj) El Chivo Gruñon (Ens) Silenus (Tj) Border Psycho (Tj) Zombie (Ens) Cerveceria del Valle (Ens) Distrito Barra Publica (Ens) Funes (Tj) Insurgente (Tj) Old Mission (Ens) Bosiger (Tj) Robeerto (Ens) Medi@ Perr@ (Ens) Emperatriz (DF) Gvm (DF) Dia de Muertos (Tkt) Doble C (Ens) Nocturna (Ens) Hg (Ens) Cucapa (Mxli) Octubre Rojo (Ens) Paralelo 29 (Tj) Benton Brewery (Tj) Ludica Artesanal (Tj) Teorema (Tj) Cardera (Ens) Beer Factory (DF) Ley Seca (Tj) 686 (Mxli) Flaco Cara de Perro (DF) Pizza Port (US) Lost Abbey (US) Monkey Paw (US) Tempus (DF) Tres Brewjas (US) Mamut (Tj) Nu Cali (Ens) Bier Lab (Ens) La Belga (DF) Albur (Mty) Malachafa (Mty) Pedernales (Mty) Beer For Us (Mty) Canneria Cerveza (Ens)

There is so much too choose from!!

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