Are Xolopasses worth it anymore?

Unhappy Tijuana Xolos fans reconsider the expensive season passes

TIJUANA.-With three years within the Mexican Soccer League's First Division, Tijuana's Xoloitzcuintles find themselves in a moment of least chemistry with Tijuana, San Diego and generally any of their fans for many reasons, among them the sale of key players and ticket prices that stand out among every other major soccer team in the country, even though their demand has decreased considerably. New prices were announced this week, and they continue to be out of the average Tijuana citizen's reach.

Every six months the question is (and intensifies): Is it worth it to buy or renew the half-season pass called "Xolopass"? Fans' dissatisfaction on social media, specially this winter, was high when prices remained the same or went up, despite the key team figures having been sold.

Without any special reinforcements in the team announced, the Tijuana Club has released the highest and most expensive season passes in all of Mexico, taking into consideration the price of its cheapest pass, its seems that the Xolos had only one objective in mind: San Diego visitors.

Although the prices might even be too expensive for them.

Compared to other Mexican soccer passes, where the majority sell their passes for the whole year, meaning 17 First Division matches, the Xolopass only gives you access to one of the two tournaments each year (Clausura and Apertura), around 8 games, at the same or higher price than other soccer clubs in the country.

[p]Here are the top three most affordable and expensive passes without including Xolos.



1. Chivas from 685 to 4,590 pesos (47 to 312 dlls) (For "Clausura" 2015 only)

2.Puebla from 780 to 2,500 pesos (53 to 172 dlls) (For "Apertura" 2014 and "Clausura" 2015)

3. Atlas from 850 to 6,800 pesos (57 to 463 dlls) (For "Apertura" 2014, "Clausura" 2015, including Libertadores Cup)


1. Cruz Azul 4,000 (272 dlls)(Annual pass, applies only for the best stadium are with tshirt included)

2. León from 3,000 to 6,500 (204 to 443 dlls) (Annual pass, for both Clausura and Apertura)

3. Rayados de Monterrey from 2,600 to 8,600 (177 to 586 dlls) (Annual pass, for both Clausura and Apertura)

The most expensive passes when it comes to Cruz Azul are seats in a exclusive area year round, with a team t-shirt for 2,000 pesos (136 dlls) each tournament. This deal is still way more affordable than the "cheapest" area of Estadio Caliente in Tijuana.

In León, due to its recent price increase, the pass is considered expensive or "exclusive" for high-income fans, but if we compare it to the Xolos strategy, it would sell at between 1,500 and 3,750 pesos (102 and 255 dlls) per tournament. Lastly, with the Rayados de Monterrey, where average income is higher, they sell their cheapest annual passes at 1,300 pesos (88dlls) per tournament in comparison with Tijuana's cheapest of 2,450 pesos (167 dlls) pass.

This is why the "Xolopass" that goes from 2,450 to 5,450 pesos has fallen out of favor with fans.

Purchasing a "Xolopass" of 2,450 pesos in the Northern area, the most expensive spot in the whole stadium, means that a father and son will be spending 4,900 pesos (334 dlls), given that there are no special prices for minors. If renewed, then it would be 9,800 (668dlls) for the whole year, in a city where the monthly income of an average pass holder is of 2,450 pesos per week.

The Xolos' next rivals are Monterrey, Morelia, Pachuca, Veracruz and Atlas. Altogether, there would eight matches where every single game ticket would cost 306 pesos (20dlls) in the most affordable area of the stadium.

It is expected that special player buys, called "reinforcements" in the league, will arrive to this border team soon, given that fans expressed their desire to not purchase the "Xolopass" unless given a good reason to do so.

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