"Shut Down All Ports" Protest Doesn't Receive Much Support

But, Organizers haven't called off plans yet

UNITED STATES. A couple of weeks ago, a coalition of anti-immigrant groups have announced plans to block 25 ports of entry with Mexico on September 20th, and invite thousands to participate in the protest. The protest also supports the cause of the former marine who is detained in Mexico after entering the country via Tijuana with a small arsenal of weapons and ammo, It doesn't look as though the call to block the border is garnering much support, although organizers claim that they will continue with plans regardless. The website "MexicoNewsDaily.com" looked into how many people have confirmed attendance via their Facebook page, and only 101 people have, even though the organizer invited over two thousand people from various similar groups.

[p]Another 29 "maybe" will join. Of course, many hundreds more may show up without confirming via Facebook, but it is worth noting that "MexicoNewsDaily.com" has not located other pages pushing support for the Shut Down All Ports event.

"The Shutdown will stay in place until our goals are achieved", said Rob Chupp, one of the organizers of Shut Down All Ports."

Theirl"non-negotiable" goals include:

Immediately and unconditionally Free Sgt. Tahmooressi; install an electric fence along the border (or equivalent) with constant military presence to seal off the border completely;apply all immigration laws without exception; immediately end all federal and state government financial, educational, and medical assistance to illegal aliens; make Mexico pay for 50% of all costs associated with detaining, processing, and deporting undocumented immigrants.

They state that they will use vehicles to stop all traffic to and from Mexico at all southern ports of entry. One of the organizers of the event has asked that those that plan on going to the event confirm, in order to adequately prepare enough food, camping areas, cars, etc. If not enough people confirm, the event will not go forward.

Now, wouldn't that be a shame....

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