Less Central American Migrants Arriving at U.S. border

Reports indicate less apprehensions along U.S. border, but more along Mexico's southern border

UNITED STATES.- For the second consecutive month, the flow of undocumented minors arriving at Mexico's northern border has dropped considerably, a possible indication that the "humanitarian crisis" along the border has subsided for the time being.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) 3,141 unaccompanied minors were aprehended along the U.S.'s southern border in August, a considerable drop from the highest level of 16,329 aprehended in June, and high levels during months prior. In fact, this accounts as an decrease even when compared to August of last year, and are the lowest levels since February 2013.

[p]What is the reason?

According to NPR, there may be three reasons for the decrease:

    The media campaign launched by the Obama Administration throughout Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, where most of these minors originated from, targeted at dissuading migrants from heading north.
    More security along the Southern border of Mexico with Central America. NPR interviewed an undocumented Honduran migrant who was forced to leave his country after receiving death threats, but could go no farther than southern Mexico. He was detained in prison for two months and is currently housed in a shelter in Tapachula Chiapas.
    Strong rain and storms during this summer season have made the route for migrants much more difficult and too risky for most.

Activists state that the increase in security on the southern border of Mexico has only made the journey more dangerous for migrants, but has really not resulted in less attempting to cross the border. Instead, they state that more are ending up in shelters or paying bribes to immigration authorities. NPR cites figures released by Mexico's Secretary of State, which states that the country has deported more than sixty thousand Central American immigrants in the course of 2014.

[p]On Saturday, after announcing that any action related to immigration reform will be postponed until after mid-term elections, President Obama recognized that the current undocumented minor crisis significantly complicated the political climate revolving immigration reform.

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