Hillary Clinton won't decide whether she will run for Presidency until January

Announcement made during recent trip to Mexico City

MEXICO CIYT. Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, announced that she won't decide whether she will run for Presidency in 2016 until January of next year.

The former first lady visited Mexico City this week to attend an event hosted by Telmex Foundation where they discussed topics she is concerned with and of great interest to Mexico. The event was in honor of more than 10,000 scholorship recipients sponsored by the Foundation. Also present at the event was Carlos Slim, president of Telmex and the second most wealthy man in the world according to Forbes.

"I am going to make the decision probably at the start of the year," she said. She stated that her trajectory has given her "a unique point of view" which she would take to the White House should she decide to run. But first, she said she wants to develop a clear idea of what she would want to accomplish.

Clinton spent a large portion of her speach motivating sponsored students to work hard, "dream big", and help others.

Although Slim is a Mexican citizen and cannot donate to political campaigns in the U.S., "Bloomberg" suspected that Clinton's visit could be to thank Carlos Slim for his million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation, operated by former president Bill Clinton.

Clinton also met with Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto at his presidential residence where they "agreed that the structural reforms approved by Mexico will have an important effect on the prosperity of this country and Northern America," according to the Presidential press release.

Hillary Clinton has been on tour over the past months promoting her book "Hard Choices" across the country and internationally, where she tells of her time as Secretary of State and her opinons on various conflicts around the world. Some see her tour as a sort of pre-campaign tour for the 2016 elections.

Vía "Bigstory.com"

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