Fernando Arce begs for home support for Xolos

The Tijuana midfielder considers the home support crucial for Xolos

TIJUANA - Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente are set to take on Toluca in the quarterfinals of the Clausura 2014 season of LIGA Bancomer MX. Speaking with the press prior to the team's training session, Fernando Arce sent the message to Tijuana fans to come and support the team.

"It is important to have the fan support behind us" said Arce in the press conference "all of the important teams have a loyal fan base pushing them on."

The Tijuana native also asked for the Tijuana crowd to stay behind the team and its players even when things are not going perfectly.

"Some players could be having an off day, it happens to all of us" mentioned Arce "but in those times we need the fan support not them pressuring whichever individual is having a hard time."

Tijuana Xolos will host the first leg of the series against Toluca in the Estadio Caliente on Thursday night at 8:00pm local pacific time. The conclusion will be Sunday morning/afternoon at 12:00pm local time (10am pacific) in Toluca's Nemezio Diez Stadium.

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