VIDEO: Driver goes viral for driving with his pet that has been nicknamed "The Microbus Dog"

The driver was working while his little chihuahua calmly rested on his legs

The video of a microbus driver that was working while having his dog on his lap has gone viral on social media, causing a wave of comments.

Images taken by users show the man driving while having a small chihuahua on his legs who was comfortably resting during their trip.

Though this dog race is known for being very nervous, he seemed comfortable and used to the movement of the bus and was even trying to sleep while resting on his owner's arm.

The scene not only captivated people due to how cute it was, but several users highlighted the driver's gesture as an example of commitment with animals, pointing out that there are no excuses to not take care of a pet, especially when you have long working hours.

On a video shared on TikTok by user @aylinsarahii one can see comments that read: "I will also bring my dog to the office" or "God bless you a lot, driver, for bringing your dog to work". Without a doubt, this gesture's cuteness definitely stands out.

[dailymotion title="Chofer se viraliza por manejar en compañía de su mascota: “El perrito microbusero” lo apodan en redes" image="" duration="22"]x90lyxg[/dailymotion]


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