Salsipuedes: The hidden paradise in Ensenada that not everyone knows

This area is not well known among tourists

Baja California has several popular and beloved tourism destinations such as La Bufadora, the Rosarito Pier, and its many coasts. However, there are many places that not everyone knows and Salsipuedes is one of these places.

Learn all about Salsipuedes in Ensenada, a Baja Californian hidden treasure

The coast of Ensenada has amazing places where you can enjoy both the municipality and the route to get there. A clear example of this is the area known as "Salsipuedes" (Getoutifyoucan), located in the Tijuana-Ensenada highway which provides a unique experience for those who come here.

Ensenada Travel
Ensenada Travel

This area located in the Baja Californian corner of the Pacific Ocean stands out due to its majestic cliffs and crystalline waters that offer a perfect environment to do outdoor activities such as surf and hiking. Click here to learn more about the safe routes you can take in Salsipuedes!

Not only can sport activities take place here, but nature fans can enjoy a relaxing visit where they can watch birds and paint unique landscapes.

Standford Students
Standford Students

The name "Salsipuedes" reflects the challenge that its land represents, however, it also invites visitors to experience an unforgettable adventure. The area is known for its scenic routes that allow people to admire the panoramic views of the ocean, while camping fans will find in Salsipuedes a perfect shelter where they can enjoy starry nights away from the chaos of the city.

In addition, it has become a destination for surfers who are attracted by its challenging and consistent waves where the currents of the Pacific and the coast setting create ideal surfing conditions. It should be noted that this area is recommended only for experienced surfers that want an authentic and exciting experience, away from the busiest beaches.


Despite its amazing surfing features, Salsipuedes is still a very well-kept secret mainly known by locals and some adventurers. Many tourists who visit Ensenada do not know about this hidden gem, which helps it to preserve its charm and authenticity. It is indeed this lack of massive promotion that has allowed Salsipuedes to keep its wild essence, offering those who discover it a more intimate and exclusive experience.


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