Mexico now has 13 female governors after 2024 elections

With the preliminary results of June 2nd, there are now four more women with distinguished political careers that have been elected as governors and heads of government

n a significant moment for Mexican politics, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo has become Mexico's first female president, a milestone without precedents in this country's history.

This occurred after last elections on June 2nd in which another record was also set as the number of female governors in Mexico went from 9 to 13, showing that women continue to create opportunities of equality in politics.

In her speech, Sheinbaum Pardo recognized all women who have fought for this cause: "I am not here alone, all of us arrived here, with our heroines that gave us our motherland, our daughters, and our mothers."

Alongside the first female president of Mexico, 4 more women with distinguished political careers were elected as governors and heads of government.

After 2024 elections, these are the 13 female governors leading states in Mexico

Currently, 9 states are governed by women:

  • Tere Jiménez (PAN): Aguascalientes
  • Marina del Pilar Avila (Morena): Baja California
  • Layda Sansores (Morena): Campeche
  • Maru Campos (PAN): Chihuahua
  • Indira Vizcaíno (Morena): Colima
  • Delfina Gómez (Morena): State of Mexico
  • Evelyn Salgado (Morena): Guerrero
  • Mara Lezama (Morena): Quintana Roo
  • Lorena Cuéllar (Morena): Tlaxcala

The potential female winners of the elections on Sunday, June 2 will now join this group which will make for a total of 13 female governors in Mexico.

Preliminary results of the National Electoral Institute are showing the potential victories of Clara Brugada in Mexico City; Libia García in Guanajuato; Margarita González in Morelos; and Rocío Nahle in Veracruz.

Clara Brugada - “Juntos Hacemos Historia” coalition made up of Morena-PT-Partido Verde

She is an economist from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) and a Mexican politician. She has been reelected as mayor of Iztapalapa in three periods. She was a congresswoman in the Congress of the Union for District 22 in Mexico City.

Libia García - "Fuerza y Corazón" Coalition made up of PAN-PRI-PRD

She is a Mexican politician and lawyer from Universidad de La Salle Bajío and has a master's in Constitutional and Administrative Rights. She was the Secretary of the Interior in Guanajuato.

Margarita González Saravia - “Juntos Hacemos Historia” coalition made up of Morena-PT-Partido Verde

She is a Licentiate on Touristic Planning through Coneval and she is a businesswoman and Mexican politician. She was the Secretary of Tourism and Culture in Morelos.

Rocío Nahle - "Sigamos Haciendo Historia" coalition made up of Morena-PT-Partido Verde

She is a chemical engineer from Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas (UAZ). She was a federal congresswoman in the Congress of the Union for District 11 in Veracruz and the Secretary of Energy.

What is next? Challenges for women in Mexico's new politics

The presidential history of Mexico used to be told, until today, as a male tale, but since the June 2 elections, this has changed. 71 years since women got the right to vote in Mexico, representative politics has taken a big step, though there is still a lot of work to do.

A woman in power does not necessarily mean that there will be progress in gender perspective politics. Despite reaching positions of leadership, the path to a truly feminist government continues to be a pending goal.

This achievement represents a step forward to a more inclusive and democratic society, however, the new female governors face the challenge of implementing effective policies to address gender violence, feminicides, objectification, wage gaps, and equality of opportunities.

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