Election drama in Ensenada: ballots stolen followed by car accident

After doing their crime, the suspects were involved in a car accident

Photo by: Usuario de Facebook Feliz Navarro

Today, Sunday, June 2, is a crucial day for Mexico as we will choose our next president as well as other officials such as mayors of municipalities and several representatives. However, what should be a peaceful democratic campaign is eclipsed by a series of concerning events.

One of the most concerning events happened in Ensenada, where several ballots were almost stolen. According to information, an individual dressed in a black sweatshirt grabbed all the ballots from the booth and fled to El Sauzal with another man. Despite their efforts, however, this theft did not go as expected.

After their crime, the suspects were involved in a car accident with another black vehicle, leaving both people wounded and ballots spread all over the street. Police quickly came to the scene and safeguarded the area, while the culprits were arrested.

This incident is still in development and more information is expected as the day goes by. We will keep everyone updated about everything related to this election news.


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