More than 30 houses at Lomas Conjunto Residencial have been classified as high risk in Tijuana

Instability damages at the mountain side of Lomas Conjunto Residencial have been increasing, according to recent monitoring by Civil Protection

The Municipal Agency of Civil Protection revealed the increase of damages and new instability showing at the mountain side where houses with no structural damage in the Lomas Conjunto Residencial neighborhood are located, according to the permanent monitoring carried out by order of the Municipal Administration of Tijuana.

This is according to the follow up that was given to the case, which was identified on June 30, 2023 in a road at Calle Montes Escandinavos in this neighborhood.

The director of Civil Protection, Miguel Ángel Caballos Ramírez, explained that these damages were discovered after an investigation that was recently carried out in the area.

One can see in the buildings several damages such as cracks, fissures, and wall separation of homes, sidewalks, and plastering.

Ceballos Ramírez stated that after rounds were carried out, 29 of homes classified as high risk were notified, counted, and given red labels. 3 homes were given yellow labels due to monitoring revealing that damages are constantly happening.

The head of Civil Protection previously said, on April 27, that 10 homes were given red labels and other 9 were given yellow labels. This means that 42 houses have been notified in 2024, of which 39 have red labels and 3 have yellow labels.

It should be noted that when buildings are classified as high risk, property owners are recommended to evacuate for their own security, while those considered in a risk area are recommended to keep an eye on possible damages.

The official encouraged people to always keep an eye on the structural conditions of their homes and to follow recommendations by Civil Protection staff in case their properties are labeled as being at risk or high risk.

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