Candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana, Ismael Burgueño, guarantees an enabler government for merchants

The MORENA candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana will prioritize a government close to the people

Ismael Burgueño Ruiz, candidate for the mayor's office of Tijuana in the "Sigamos Haciendo Historia en Baja California" coalition claimed that his government will work as an enabler and that it will be close to the people.

During the celebration of the Municipal Day of the Traveling Merchant and Street Markets, the MORENA candidate said that people who wish to continue working in this area while following municipal requirements will receive support from the upcoming administration.

He added that his administration will strengthen the domestic economy that sustains thousands of families.

In front of assembled merchants, Burgueño Ruiz explained how some of the proposals of his government plan with a humanistic vision will provide better times for Tijuana.

He emphasized that some of his priority actions will be to implement a massive pothole repair program in roads around primary and secondary schools, the reinstallation of street lights, and prompt garbage collection.

He said that he will boost the creation of a park or sports court in all neighborhoods so that children and teenagers have a space near home where they can have fun and play sports.

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[dailymotion title="Candidato por la alcaldía de Tijuana Ismael Burgueño participa en reunión con vecinos de Villa del Campo" image="https://s1.dmcdn.net/v/W9zFU1c9V7hRptin0/x120" duration="32"]x8x6y8u[/dailymotion]


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