Stray kitten in Baja California is adopted by tourist and now lives a traveler’s life

This cat is currently living its best life

Animals deserve all love possible, especially when they've had a rough life, either due to animal abuse or being born without a home as only a few lucky ones have a family. And this actually happened to Don Juan, a very lucky cat.

From stray cat to traveling cat: meet Don Juan, the Baja Californian cat that now has a home

On the Facebook group, Talk Baja, a woman spoke about an amazing case: Don Juan, a nice kitten that was born in the streets that now lives in a beautiful home and experienced an amazing trip.

Cheryl Grant is the new mom of Don Juan (formerly Rubix) who explained that she met him when he visited Hotel Misión Cataviña in San Quintin at the end of February of this year. When she was trying to get into her van, she realized that a cat was trying to climb her leg, was very friendly, and wanted love. She said that it was difficult to go back to the car, as she was afraid of running him over. She went to the cat's owner and asked him to hold him while she got on her van.

The man asked her if she did not want to keep the cat, saying that it had been born in the hotel two years ago, and unfortunately, lived in the streets despite being fed there. "You can give it a better life than me," he said.

Though she had doubts because she already had a kitten and didn't think she wanted another one, she could not resist Don Juan. The condition was that she needed to leave her information in case the man regretted his choice and wanted it back. She also said that if the cat could not adjust to traveling in the car, she would give it back.

Against all odds, Don Juan adapted immediately to his life in the van, and was taken to a veterinarian's office in San Quintin so he could be vaccinated and dewormed.

On Wednesday, May 15, Cheryl gave an update on her case, claiming that the kitten is happier traveling. Cheryl wrote on her post:

It is the best traveling companion and has an IG account (ninthlifeantics). If anyone has any contacts with the hotel, could you give me the information? I would love his former owner to know how well he is doing.

She added that they are currently traveling through Vancouver Island and also shared some news that are not that great. According to a veterinarian in the United States, Don Juan is currently on "his ninth life":

He has some internal issues (enlarged kidneys and spleen and liver damage) and, previously, all of the ribs on his right side had been broken. I plan to keep my promise and I will make sure that he is well taken care of and loved for the rest of his life.

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