Opening date of 2nd stage of Nodo Alamar in Tijuana is announced

The opening of the access ramp located in Bulevar Héctor Terán Terán towards Bulevar Alberto Limón Padilla will take place

On April 13, 2024, the 2nd stage of Nodo Alamar-Terán will be reopened in the city of Tijuana, according to the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territory Redesign (SIDURT).

Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, head of SIDURT, explained that this opening consists of the access to the ramp located in Bulevar Héctor Téran Téran towards Bulevar Alberto Limón Padilla. He added that this access could be used by people who are driving from Bulevar Cucapah to incorporate themselves into the bridge.

In addition, he said that the access ramp located in Vía Rápida Alamar will continue with its normal flow with left turns towards Bulevar Alberto Limón Padilla, which is why he encouraged people to take precautions when getting into the bridge, as the opening will have continuous flow into Bulevar Héctor Terán Terán.

Espinoza Jaramillo highlighted that, in order to open this section of the node, construction work of piles, wall footing, support columns, walls, beams, and bearing slabs was carried out, which also created a weight in the structure of more than 3 million kilograms.

Lastly, the head of SIDURT invited people to respect the speed limit on the bridge which is 40 km/hour, follow traffic signs, and to keep a safe and efficient traffic environment.

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