Senate candidate Gustavo Sánchez talks about Baja California's needs and the importance of checks and balances

The PAN candidate firmly believes that, to develop the country in a healthy manner, checks and balances are necessary

48 days into his campaign, Mexican Senate PAN (Partido Acción Nacional) candidate, Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, reflects about the upcoming elections that will take place in all of Mexico and the needs of Baja Californians that he has managed to learn by touring the state's streets.

One of the essential issues for Gustavo Sánchez, who had a chat with San Diego Red, is checks and balances. What relevance do checks and balances have in the political scene? The candidate has no doubts that, to have healthy democratic activities in the country, the existence of a plurality of ideas and dialogues as a sanitary measure, i.e., checks and balances, is necessary.

3 million people, the candidate says, ride the Mayan Trayan in one year. In just 10 days, 3 million people cross from Tijuana to San Diego and vice versa, creating traffic chaos in the city. What does the mobility of Tijuana have to do with the Mayan Train? It is related, Gustavo Sánchez says, because it is a budgetary issue. The Mayan Train has cost more than 400 billion pesos, funds that were taken from the taxes of all Mexicans.

I ask you Tijuana natives, where would you like to see your money? In mobility, bridges, roads, overpasses, etc. or in the Mayan Train? Ask the people of San Quintin, would you rather have a hospital or the Mayan Train? Where does that take us? It takes us to the budget, to what is required now, what we are looking for: checks and balances. If the Mexican Congress continues to be a "yes man" or "whatever you say, Mr. President" and the current majority of MORENA, the Green Party, and PT do not even dare to change one comma (,) to the budget, nothing is going to change. I hope that in the next Senate, for the good of the country, no party has a majority in the Senate, not even PAN.

Political forces, in the great democracies that lead the world, are in the parliament, candidate Gustavo Sánchez says. Today, Mexico is hurt and it is how it is because no consensus has been reached. There is no dialogue and a senator's work is to precisely hold people who manage the country responsible.

For example, regarding security issues, the Senate's job is to call the one in charge of this area so that they can be held accountable about their performance and, if their plan is not giving adequate resutls, to change them for a person who is capable of solving the country's problems.

During this six-year term, the politician says, not once has the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection been called to be held accountable regarding the country's situation, because MORENA has a majority in the senate.

What people close to Obrador are looking for is to implement a totalitarian system, a subjugation of the country. It is essential that on June 2, everyone goes out to vote and not only that, that each voter brings another 5 voters so that they vote freely, without taking party into account. Citizens' participation is necessary. Let's remember that in the 2018 elections, there was low participation from citizens, leaving this responsibility to one part of the population of the country.

Who is Gustavo Sánchez?

A Mexicali native, Gustavo Sánchez is a Mexican politician and lawyer, member of Partido Acción Nacional (PAN). As an official, he has been a Representative at the Baja California Congress for the 3rd District and he was the municipal president of Mexicali from 2016 to 2019.

VIDEO: Get to know Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez, Mexican Senate Candidate in the Fuerza y Corazón por México coalition

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