Experience solar eclipse in Valle de Guadalupe with concert and astronomic picnic

Murcof, considered one of the best electronic music performers, announced an unmissable concert that will merge with the experience of the awaited solar eclipse

On April 8, the world will be witness to a total solar eclipse that will plunge several states of Mexico into darkness. In Baja California, you will be able to see 65% of the total of this phenomenon.

If you want to enjoy this experience in the best way possible, then you cannot miss the event "Murcof y el Eclipse Solar."

Fernando Corona, better known as Murcof, is a Baja Californian artist, considered one of the best performers of electronic music, due to his innovative and experimental proposal with a minimalist approach and the use of classic orchestral instrumental sounds.

After his travels through the European continent, this artist is coming back to his native home to offer an indescribable sound spectacle that will mix with an astronomic experience that will stimulate all your senses.

Don't miss the awaited return of Murcof to Baja California as he will perform twice at Bloodlust Winebar in Valle de Guadalupe on April 7 and April 8.

The concert scheduled for next Sunday will begin at 4 PM and will have two live performances by FAX and GRENDA.

The second performance will take place on April 8 at 10:30 AM as an exciting meeting between music and astronomy begins to take place.

It is an unmissable event, perfect for those who want to connect with art, the cosmos, and a musical genre that goes beyond ambient and glitch as it combines experimentation, techno, and electronic music in a unique way.

The April 8 experience includes live concerts, an astronomic picnic, and special glasses so that you can enjoy the eclipse in a safe manner without risking your vision.

To purchase your tickets or to get more information, check out the following website: Prices range from $200 to $400 pesos.

Who is Fernando Corona (Murcof)?

Fernando Corona is an artist and electronic music producer, a Tijuana native who grew up in the city of Ensenada and who currently resides in Spain.

Since 1988, he has been a part of several musical groups that played electronic, rock, and jazz music. He was also a founding member of Nortec Collective.

He has obtained international acclaimed as in almost two decades of career he has managed to create works of art in abstract and minimalistic electronic music. With more than 10 albums released, he has also produced soundtracks for short films, videogame music, and contemporary dances.

His music has delighted several types of publics, including music industry personalities such as Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, who is one of his biggest fans.

What to expect during the solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse will be visible in some regions of Mexico, the United States, and Canada on Monday, April 8.

Regarding Baja California, we will see the twilight zone, i.e., we will see what is known as a partial eclipse, 60-65% of a total eclipse. It is important, however, that you use special glasses that do not damage your eyesight.

This phenomenon will begin at 9:51 AM (Pacific Time). The total phase is estimated to begin at 11:07 AM and to end at 11:48 AM.


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