Civil Protection Tijuana handled more than 30 reports resulting from winter storm that hit the city

The pre-alert state in the city due to rain expected for Sunday is still active

More than 30 reports were handled and channeled by the Municipal Direction of Civil Protection, resulting from the winter storm that hit the city on Saturday, March 30. It is expected that this storm continues intermittently on Sunday, March 31.

The director of Civil Protection, Miguel Ángel Caballos Ramírez, stated that the more relevant incidents were 12 floods, 5 fallen posts, 4 transformer explosions, 3 trees about to fall, 2 hanging cables, 2 fallen fences, 2 short circuits, and 2 mudslides, plus a collapse.

He said that weather stations at Colonia Libertad, El Águila, Refugio, Villa del Campo, Pórticos de San Antonio, San Antonio del Mar, and the Civil Protection Center are being monitored and highlighted that half to 1 inch of water fell on Saturday.

In addition, the official said that members of Civil Protection were deployed to 4 fire stations (3, 6, 8, and Central) so they could work together in order to address emergencies caused by showers, such as the case of a car that was dragged by water currents at Cañón del Pato, where emergency entities went to provide assistance.

At the Municipal Center of Emergency Operations, staff from the Fire Department, the Urban Administration Agency (DAU), the Municipal Agency of Projects and Urban Infrastructure (DOIUM), and the Agency of Public Municipal Services (DSPM) are still on guard to channel any incidents that occur.

According to weather forecasts, rain will continue constantly throughout Sunday, which is why people are encouraged to follow the following recommendations:

Protect children, seniors, and people sensitive to weather changes; if you leave home, do it with caution; watch over electric wiring or cables that could fall; avoid crossing streams by car or walking; do not get into the sea while the high tide alert remains.

If you live in a risk area, report any incident to the 9-1-1 emergency number or through mobile apps.

In addition, citizens are encouraged to keep an eye on statements and announcements made by the Municipal Administration of Tijuana through official platforms.

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