Time to enjoy this Holy Week! Tijuana has the best shrimp taco in the world

Enjoying Holy Week vacations? Don't miss the chance of enjoying the best shrimp tacos in the world!

The Holy Week has begun! As such, you can enjoy this couple of vacation weeks by enjoying the best shrimp tacos in the world.

That's right, according to Taste Atlas, the best shrimp taco in the world is in Mexico, but not just in any Mexican city... it is in Tijuana! Specifically, this taco is located at the restaurant “Mariscos El Mazateño”.

Taste Atlas is a website that catalogues, classifies, and rates the best foods, restaurants, and dishes of the world, and recently, they have caused quite a stir by declaring this Tijuana taco the best shrimp taco in the world.

Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana went to “Mariscos El Mazateño”

During the San Diego Red show, "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana", Chef Danny visited this famous seafood restaurant, where 2 of its specialties were tried: the octopus and shrimp machaca taco and the perrón especial taco.

The first one had a lot of food in its tortilla, making it look more like a stew than a taco, as the host of this show, Danny Betancourt, said that he could probably make 3 tacos out of it.

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With its delicious flavor and the perfect texture of the octopus, and thanks to the butter and vegetables that it had, this $60 peso taco got a rating of 8.7.

Meanwhile, the "perrón especial" taco was able to get a rating of 8.8 as it was a taco consisting of spicy shrimp, fish chicharron, and cheese, with this first ingredient being the star of the dish. However, its price is a little bit higher as it costs $75 pesos.

Have you tried these delicious tacos? Let us know your rating in the comments!

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