Discover the events calendar by CECUT in 2024. Prepare for the very best!

Theater projects, artistic exhibitions, and cultural events are coming, including the awaited Feria del Libro Tijuana

Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) has revealed its events calendar for 2024, which includes a wide variety of events that you cannot miss.

At the end of Dr. Vianka Santana's administration, the managing director of CECUT showed the events calendar for the next few months. It includes a variety of programs related to the scenic arts, music, exhibitions, literature, and workshops.

In addition, she explained that during this year, several activities that will allow for the refurbishment of facilities and the innovation of infrastructure will be carried out.

It should be noted that, during Santana's administration, significant changes have taken place such as the refurbishment of Museo de las Californias and the lobby of El Cubo, the opening of a new scenic site known as "La Caja de Resonancia", the maintenance of the IMAX Dome, among others.

In addition, and under an inclusive artistic program, there will be educational programs focused on children and youth, the LGBT+ community, indigenous people, and immigrants.

Through courses and workshops, people dealing with addiction or who are in jail have been approached so that they can reintegrate society in a way that allows them to create and develop artistic abilities.

This year, more than 150 inclusive education programs will continue in several different municipalities and states of the region, offering work to more than 70 instructors, artists, and artisans.

Great infrastructure projects, which include the reopening of the Federico Campbell Room and the inauguration of Café CECUT and Dulcería San Simón by Brago Coffee & Art, are also expected.

The most awaited events in 2024

The events offered this year are quite varied and on this list we have made for you, you'll find free events, concerts, exhibitions, and theater plays so that you can disconnect yourself from day-to-day stress.

Mark your calendars right now because these events are designed so that nobody stays home and it includes plans for all tastes. Ideal so that people can go out and have a great time!


“Translínea. Gira Binacional 2024” concert by Ensamble Cepromusic

To start February, you cannot miss the "Translínea. Gira Binacional 2024" concert by Ensamble Cepromusic. An amazing event with first-rate guests where you'll be to enjoy works by Obermüller, Baca Lobera, Naranjo, Saunders, and Terrazas.

Under the direction of master José Luis Castillo, this event is free and it will take place on Saturday, February 3 at the CECUT show room.

Theater play: ‘Lo único que necesita una gran actriz, es una gran obra y las ganas de triunfar’

Regarding theater plays, we recommend the play "Lo único que necesita una gran actriz, es una gran obra y las ganas de triunfar” which arrives this weekend at the CECUT show room.

This iconic play, winner of Premio Villanueva 2013 and the Gran Prix Laurel de Oro, will be performed on Sunday, February 4 at 6 PM. Admission is free.

Tribute to Federico Campbell

Centro Cultural Tijuana is once again the venue for literary dialogue.

A tribute to Federico Campbell was announced to take place in the Federico Campbell room. It will be a conversation-like event and it will take place on February 15, the 10th anniversary of his death. Admission is free!

“La Frontera” art exhibition at Museo El Cubo

Cultural-artistic richness and diversity continues to strengthen thanks to binational collaborations that allow art to be exhibited in different manners, languages, and concepts.

Art lovers will surely be excited to discover the great modern life projects that CECUT facilities will have in 2024.

As part of the activities of “World Design Capital” in 2024 which will take place in the border cities of Tijuana and San Diego, CECUT is collaborating with Mingei International Museum to create a joint exhibition called "La Frontera", which explores the construction of identities in the US-Mexico border through jewelry.

The inauguration of this event will take place on February 16 at 7 PM at Sala 3 in El Cubo.

Keep reading: Controversial projects by David Cerny will be shown in Tijuana for the first time. Admission is free!

Chiapas Rock Concert: Grupo Lumal Tok

A music performance will take place this month which is a concert by Chiapas rock band Lumal Tok, who are bringing their innovative Tzotzil language music style to life.

Their performance will take place on Thursday, February 22 at 7 PM at the show room and admission is free.


Third Traditional Art Celebration

Come back to this celebration in International Artisan Day, which is one of the most important cultural events as it highlights the artistic diversity of Mexico with dancing, theater, music, handicrafts, and gastronomy.

This celebration will arrive in Centro Cultural Tijuana on March 16 and March 17 at 12 PM.


Ding, Un Festival Hecho de Libros

Children and teenagers will be excited after the announcement of the 3rd edition of "Ding, un festival hecho de libros" which includes talks, music, movie cycles, workshops, performances, and book sales.

This year's edition is focused on graphic novels and science fiction with talks and workshops focused on making comics. There will be guest illustrators and creative projects for children and adults.

One of the guest artists is writer, comic book writer, and graphic designer Bernardo Fernández Brief, who is known for his work in children's books such as ‘Cuento de hadas para conejos’, ‘Goar’ , and ‘Vacaciones en Marte’.

"Ding, Un Festival Hecho de Libros" will take place from April 18 to April 21 at the CECUT terrace.

Cuerpos en Tránsito

Dance art lovers will be able to enjoy the 25th International Dance Exhibition "Cuerpos en Tránsito", an event that offers a variety of contemporary interpretations in order to connect with different generations and tell amazing stories through dance.

Cuerpos en Tránsito will take place from April 21 to April 24, 2024.


Feria del Libro Tijuana: Tribute to Elena Poniatowska

Return once more to one of the year's most awaited events, Feria del Libro Tijuana, which is coming back stronger than ever with unique cultural and exciting experiences for visitors.

The 39th Edition of this book fair will pay tribute to Elena Poniatowska, a writer with a long literary career that has written in several different genres such as chronicle, poetry, essays, novels, play adaptations, children's stories, among others.

Poniatowska has left a social, narrative, and historic legacy through her words, and became the first woman to receive the National Award for Journalism in Mexico. This amazing writer will be recognized at this event.

Feria del Libro Tijuana will take place from May 17 to May 26 at the CECUT Terrace. This will be a unique experience that combines literature, gastronomy, and an artistic program full of talent.

Remember that that there will be workshops, book presentations, and talks with famous authors at this event. This event's complete program will be revealed soon.

So far, a call to participate in this event is open for literary professionals, researchers, and academics that want to be part of this fair. If you're interested in participating, check out the following link:


Trienal 2. Internacional Pictórica

Lastly, one of the most important exhibitions is “Trienal 2. Internacional Pictórica”, an event created by the late master Álvaro Blancarte. This event will have a total of 101 artistic selected proposals of the 537 that participated in the contest from 15 different countries.

The 2nd edition of Trienal will be inaugurated on July 26, 2024 at El Cubo facilities.

This event's curator will be Brazilian writer Leonor Amarante, art expert, editor, journalist, and author of several books.

Other events whose dates are not yet confirmed in 2024

This year, the CECUT collaboration network will spread to other states, including Centro Cultural Helénico and Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.

CECUT will be the venue of tours such as:

  • Men In Tutu’s
  • Pequeñas Certezas, a play by Bárbara Colio
  • Camille Claudel, in her international tour
  • Smiley, with Sergio Velasco and Jerry Velázquez

There is a great variety of theater projects that you cannot miss due their narrative and amazing scenic presence.

In addition, the 2024 edition of the literary meeting Norte 32 has been confirmed. This is a space that gathers writers with great careers, emerging artists, readers, and literary enthusiasts.

This is an event where you can enjoy book presentations, music, workshops, and talks in presence of famous literary authors. This event will take place in the 2nd semester of 2024, and the time and activity program will be revealed later.

To learn more about these events and festivals in 2024, check out the official social media pages of Centro Cultural Tijuana where new events are constantly shared. Many of these events are completely free and family friendly.




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