Restaurants in Baja California are now among the best ones in Mexico according to Larousse Cocina

These Baja Californian restaurants have delighted the national gastronomic scene by being recognized as the best ones in Mexico

In an unprecedented culinary triumph, several Baja Californian restaurants have delighted the national gastronomic world by being recognized as the best ones in Mexico, according to the acclaimed Guía México Gastronómico 2024 by Larousse Cocina.

This distinguished selection has caused a commotion in the gastronomic community, highlighting the excellence and diversity of the culinary scene in the region. Here are the restaurants that have been placed on this list:

In Tijuana, the standouts are Caesar's Restaurant-Bar, Casa Tijuana Project, and Georgina Restaurante, which have demonstrated their culinary excellence by significantly contributing to the renown of Baja Californian cuisine.

Other recognized establishments that are located in Ensenada are Animalón, Datoni Ensenada, Deckman's En El Mogor, Fauna Restaurante en Bruma, Finca Altozano, Lunario Restaurante, Madre, Manzanilla Restaurante, Sabina Restaurante by La Guerrerense, and Villa Torél.

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These amazing places have been ranked on the list of the 250 Best Restaurants in Mexico and reflect the quality of their culinary proposals, their contribution to innovation, and the gastronomic richness of the country. It should be noted that many of these restaurants are located in Valle de Guadalupe, which places this tourist zone as one of the best in the gastronomic industry.

In addition, it should be noted that this recognition by Larousse Cocina, a respected authority in the gastronomic world, is a sign of pride for Baja California and highlights the dedication and mastery of the chefs and teams behind these establishments.

Undoubtedly both local citizens and tourists have another reason to explore the exquisite culinary offerings of Baja California, immersing themselves in unique and memorable gastronomic experiences that range from delicious seafood in La Guerrerense to Animalón that offers delicious roasted duck and an exquisite beef loin.

Without a doubt, this distinction will consolidate Baja California's reputation even more as a first-rate culinary epicenter in Mexico. Congratulations to these 11 restaurants that have elevated the region's cuisine to new heights!

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