Don't put away your umbrella! Tijuana will experience almost one week of continuous rain

Prepare yourself for the return of rain to the region

Heavy rain in Tijuana affected the city for four days straight, with Monday, January 22 being the day when rain was most intense, affecting families and several infrastructures in the city.

Tijuana will experience almost one week of continuous rain

Weather forecasts by The Weather Channel said that continuous rainy days will come back to Tijuana, starting in the evening of Wednesday, January 31 and ending until Monday, February 5 at night.

Taking this into account, these forecasts say that rain will last approximately 6 continuous days, with chances of showers of up to 58%; however, other websites such as Meteored have said that rain probability is actually 80%.

Recommendations by the Civil Protection of Tijuana have been issued regarding rain in the region in order to safeguard people's lives. These are the following:

  • Protect children, seniors, and people sensitive to weather changes.
  • If leaving home, to do it with precaution.
  • Avoid crossing streams by car or walking.
  • If you live in a risk area, report any incident to the emergency hotline or mobile apps.
  • Keep an eye on statements and announcements by this agency issued in the following hours.


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