Discover the best Italian restaurants in Tijuana in 2024

These are the best places in Tijuana to enjoy one of the most diverse and delicious cuisines in the world

Italy is one of the world's most beautiful countries that also stands out due to its cuisine, as it has a diverse gastronomy full of flavors.

True Italian cuisine can delight palates all over the world, however, not all restaurants are able to get the dishes' authentic flavor.

In Tijuana, there are still restaurants that respect this product and make authentic and delicious dishes. This is why we have compiled a list of the best rated Italian restaurants in the city by apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor down below.

Villa Saverios

If you're looking for a restaurant with elegance, style, and tradition, Villa Saverios is the one. It is one of Baja California's most distinguished places and it offers an innovative concept that combines traditional Mediterranean gastronomy with the region's authentic flavors.

Villa Saverios has an atmosphere similar to an elegant Tuscan village that offers a different culinary experience with cheese boards with brie, provolone, and Roquefort.

Cuisine here is made with traditional ingredients while offering some auteur dishes. You'll be able to enjoy some authentic pastas and risottos.

Location: 3151 Escuadrón 201, corner with Boulevard Sánchez Taboada, Col. Aviación, Zona Río, Tijuana.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday: 12 PM to 10 PM
Thursday to Saturday: 12 PM to 11 PM
Sunday: 12 PM to 8 PM

You can make a reservation by calling the following number: +52 (664) 686-6442, ext.104 or sending an email to the following address:

Social media: Instagram


This is the home of Sicilian food in Baja California with delicious traditional recipes combined with a touch of modernity.

In its menu, you'll find the essence and aroma of Italian cuisine with specialties such as classic risotto, lasagna, Sicilian salad, and delicious pasta.

You can also try Sicilian style pizzette, among which we suggest you try the Margarita or the 4 Cheese.

As the finishing touch, there's a dessert you cannot miss: the Sicilian cannoli, a delicious crunchy roll-shaped layer with a sweet and silky filling; this island's most emblematic dessert.

Zona Río: Av. Rio Tijuana 2554.

Plaza Torela: Av. Manuel Doblado 2721.

Phone number: 664 681 8468
Monday to Saturday from 1 PM to 11:30 PM
Sunday from 1 PM to 9:30 PM
Social media: Instagram


One of the city's most popular restaurants with a nice, family friendly atmosphere. It is an amazing alternative where you can enjoy an Italian lunch or dinner.

This restaurant recalls authentic Italian places that exude tradition and history.

Its menu has a variety of pastas, meats, seafood, and delicious pizzas. There are two stone ovens that help to provide that characteristic flavor to their dishes with some of the standouts being Sicilian fish, Parmigiana beef, and Picatta beef.

Downtown: Av. Revolución 1691, Zona Centro, 22000.

Playas de Tijuana: C. de la Nieve 203, Playas, Monumental, 22504.

Phone number: 664 685 1729
Monday to Saturday from 1 PM to 12 AM
Sunday from 1 PM to 11 PM
Tuesday: Closed


This is one of Tijuana's most beautiful restaurants, plus the flavor and delicacy of its Neapolitan food is amazing, according to clients.

Caccio offers an interesting combination of style, high-quality food, and comfort. Here you’ll be able to try authentic Neapolitan pizzas, fresh homemade pasta, and rotisserie-style chicken.

Its menu is a mix of Italian food, an array of desserts, and a variety of liquors.

Cacho: Gobernador Lugo 9531, Plaza San Miguel.

Hipódromo: Calle Tapachula 11590, Colonia Chapultepec, 22040.

Make your order by phone or WhatsApp:
Cacho: 664 208 5353 | Hipódromo: 664 102 8727
Monday from 1 PM to 10 PM
Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 11 PM
Sunday from 9 PM to 8 PM

Social media: Instagram


A classic style restaurant with decoration inspired by Italy, such as bottles hanging from the ceilings and white and black square tiles.

An amazing alternative to enjoy an Italian dinner as it has a variety of pastas, meats, chickens, fish, fresh salads, and pizzas.

Its best rated location is at Boulevard Agua Caliente 2600, Col. Madero (Cacho), 22040, Tijuana. However, there are 7 other locations.

Social media: Instagram

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