Taking up to 100 roscas! Costco unleashes reseller fever in Tijuana

This wholesale store has been packed in the last few days

With lines appearing very early, Tijuana native clients of popular wholesale store, Costco, waited their turn to be able to get inside and get as many roscas de reyes (king cakes) as possible to resell them outside to people without memberships.

This Three Kings' Day season has unleashed a fever, with people filling up to two platform carts with a total of 100 cakes, which creates long waiting times at the cash register and unleashes, once again, criticism on social media for these buyers who leave other clients without their cake. This phenomenon has grown to such an extent in this store that there's a sizeable area which is dedicated to placing platforms exclusively with this product.

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Regarding cash registers, it is estimated that around 4000 cakes are sold every day. These are brought in trucks from an external distribution center, as making them in the store would create a gridlock issue at the bakery and all of its production.

The store has two types of roscas: the classic big one that costs 369 pesos and the small one filled with cream that costs 469 pesos.

After touring a store at Vía Rápida, we noticed that the warehouse had more than 6000 cakes for sale on that day.

On their way out, some resellers confessed that they sell these roscas at 500 pesos, with some estimating that they are only earning 50 pesos per sale. In any case, they are taking advantage of the occasion to make sales.

We also went to other stores such as Smart & Final where the normal rosca costs 339 pesos, while the small one costs 249 pesos. However, the Costco flavor is the one that is truly the people's favorite.

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