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Experts say that this winter in San Diego will be dry

Meteorologists claim that this winter season will be different

National Weather Service has predicted a dry winter in the San Diego area in 2024. ABC News reporter, Dani Miskell, stated that she was at La Jolla Shores on Wednesday expecting rain, but everything went smoothly.

In addition, it was claimed that wet weather this year won't be constant, as it will be drier than last year and the year before. However, experts claim that lively waves, tides never seen before, will be observed in the next few months.

According to the Weather Service, this will occur around January 10 and it will be even more pronounced in early February. Let's not forget that tides were something recent that caught people's attention as huge waves struck people on land in Ventura, California, with them trying to run away so as to not be dragged by the waves.

Meteorologist Elizabeth Adams said that there are more factors that affect the weather besides the El Niño phenomenon:

We’re in the throes of a strong El Niño right now. A lot of times, that can mean a more active and wet winter; however, it's not 100% slam dunk as that's what's going to happen. There have been El Niños that have seen drier winters in California.

Lastly, they said that children and seniors are the ones that can be affected the most by these sudden weather changes, as their bodies take longer to acclimate to these extremes.

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