Tijuana natives come together to save dog with serious burns

A woman took the dog to the veterinarian due to the amount of burns it had

Tijuana natives have come together through a Facebook group called "Col. Nueva Esperanza Alamar Tijuana” to help a burned dog that was reported by a citizen whose name is Mayra Guevara.

Thanks to this post, a woman named Griss Duarte offered to pick up the dog and take it to the veterinarian. In a comment, she said that she was going to "Matryoshka Servicios Veterinarios" in case anyone wanted to join her or provide some sort of financial support to save the dog.

Half an hour later, the woman shared a video where the veterinarian explains the following:

The oral cavity, tongue, nose, and palate are burned. Also, the eyes, eyelids, both ears, and four limbs, there is melted plastic on top of the dog. We will try to remove the plastic and dirt before starting to protect the skin so that the burns can recover.

Griss Duarte posted another photo of the dog and shared the veterinarian's direct account number in case anyone wants to help fund this dog's recovery treatment.

Payment methods:
CTA Banregio
Matryoshka Servicios Veterinarios
4741 7451 9119 4352
Terminal payments: Debit and credit cards


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