CESPE: Water treatment actions will be a priority in 2024

In 2023, CESPE invested around 160 million pesos of its own resources in potable water actions.

The director of the State Commission of Public Utilities of Ensenada (CESPE), Alonso Centeno Hernández, spoke before the local congress for the authorization of the 2024 Revenue Law where he revealed the prioritized actions for 2024. Here he highlighted the restoration projects in 4 of 5 wastewater treatment plants (PTAR) that operate in the urban zone.

During his speech, the state official pointed out that, with actions such as the replacement of 1,700 meters of the Morelos aqueduct, 22,276 repairs of leaks, and more than 6,000 meters of new pipes for potable water networks, a continuous service with an average time of 21 hours has been achieved.

In addition, he highlighted the construction of storage tanks with capacity for 1,000 cubic meters each and the restoration and perforation of new potable water wells at Cañón Buena Vista, La Misión, and Punta Colonet.

He stated that, with 41 projects carried out in different areas of the city, in 2023, the coverage of this benefit increased to 2,350 families that previously did not have access to the water network supply.

Before the state congress, Centeno Hernández underscored the historic investment of the administration led by Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, regarding water treatment projects and actions.

As such, he stated that with an amount of 296.4 million pesos, from their own resources and from the Green Bond financing, PTAR, El Gallo, Noreste, El Naranjo, and Sauzal are being restored.

Regarding Isla de Cedros, the head of CESPE stated that 9.82 million pesos were used for the Comprehensive Plan of Potable Water, Sewage System, and Treatment, maintenance of the desalination plant, reequipment of the main pump, and the project of the new desalination plant that will supply 10 liters per second.

On the other hand, in San Quintin, the restoration and perforation of new wells stand out. There was an increase of 59.5 liters to 126.8 liters per second, the expansion project of the desalinating plant Padre Kino from 10 to 25 liters per second, the new desalinating plant project, and new potable water networks which meant that coverage increased to 742 families.

As part of an efficient hydric policy, the head of this agency announced that the strategic projects with the state government for 2024 include the expansion of the Ensenada desalination plant from 250 to 500 liters per second, the construction of regulation tanks for potable water supply, restoration and improvement of PTAR, and follow up on actions considered for the Green Financing institutional framework agreement.

He explained that the projected investment of CPE for next year is 160 million pesos which will be allocated as follows: 67.7 million pesos for potable water projects, 62.7 million pesos for sewage systems, 15.5 for water treatment actions, and 14 million pesos for pothole repair work.

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