Discover the amazing and unique "straw art" made in Rosarito

This is a Mexican tradition that has transcended generations

Baja California is the home of thousands of artists who grew up in the streets and neighborhoods of this wonderful state, expressing their way of thinking and the way in which they wish to live, and that is precisely how a couple of artists in Rosarito stand out due to their "straw art".

Puerto Nuevo Gallery is a gallery located in the heart of Rosarito, being operated by brothers Octavio and Sergio Morales, who learned how to create these magnificent paintings thanks to their father.

After the constant support and wishes from their friends that the brothers open a gallery, it became a reality. Their paintings are not just a way to express their artistic thoughts, but also a way to share their cultural heritage.

The paintings are made with straws, which are naturally dyed. This is how the Aztecs used to do it and, in this gallery, they are trying to do the same. Octavio said that he was 17 years old when he made his first favorite artwork.

Though the artistry is quite simple, Octavio and his brother started to create more complex paintings in which they "paint" with the straw when they start drawing, adding shadows, movement, dimensions, colors, and more, making them stand out even more in the world of "straw art."

It should be noted that Octavio doesn't focus his style in just one type of art; in fact, he takes advantage of the versatility of straw art and uses several different techniques to make his creations claiming that he can do anything and it will be a work of art. He added that he likes to take ideas from his clients as inspiration and then do them in his own style, claiming that they will be very happy with the result.

Besides the gallery, this place broke new ground by adding a coffee shop where visitors can enjoy a delicious drink while watching the beautiful paintings by the Morales brothers. One of their main drinks is one that has been part of Puerto Nuevo for many years, which is made of tequila, Kahlúa, coffee, and chocolate, giving it a gourmet touch.

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