Happy International Beer Day! These are the craft breweries you can visit in Tijuana

Tijuana is one of the world capitals of craft beer, the Beer Route encompasses Avenida Revolución and its surroundings

Today, August 4, is International Beer Day and it is no secret that Tijuana is known for being one of the world capitals of craft beer.

In Downtown Tijuana, mainly in Avenida Revolución and its surroundings, there exists the Ruta Cervecera (Beer Route) with 19 craft breweries.

Border Psycho and Mamut are some of the most renowned among Tijuana natives. However, we'll tell you all about four other options to try out some great drinks so you can have an amazing time.

Mexica Cervecería Artesanal

Sisters Ximena and Karla López are in charge of one of the new craft brewery proposals with the greatest ambition in this area. Mexica handles up to 7 types of craft beer.

SanDiegoRed had the opportunity to try Kolsch, a light beer with a general pleasant taste.

We were then offered a summer season Kolsch, which is similar to a mojito with touches of mint, watermelon, and lemon.

Lastly, we tried a Stout with toasted malt that provides a flavor similar to coffee.

This place is located a few steps away from Avenida Revolución and 4th Street.

Norte Brewing Co.

One of the most liked options by connoisseurs is Norte Brewing Co. On the fifth floor of a parking lot in 4th Street and Revolución there exists one of the spots with the greatest amount of craft beer variety.

One of them is Cougar Amber Ale, a caramelized beer with coffee and almond touches, which leave a slight citric taste. It has an alcohol percentage of 5.5% and a bitterness of 32%.

Another one is Foreign Club, which is a nitrogenous Robus porter type beer that is much more bitter and more robust. It has roasted coffee and tobacco touches that are more pronounced. Its alcohol percentages are 6.5% and its bitterness percentages are 32%.

The nitrogen provides it with a much more solid foam that lasts longer and gives it a much creamier texture.

Telefónica Gastro Park

The last spot in the Beer Route is maybe one of Tijuana's most well-known places in the region. This collection of gastronomic stands has been for years a favorite place to congregate due to its facilities, food, and its craft beer.

All of the varieties that are sold here are made here. An example of this is the dark Peanut Butter drink which has very intense peanut and chocolate touches.


Though Cypress: Sándwiches Artesanales is not a proper brewery, it is a local brand that sells craft beers of the region.

Among the variety that is sold here there is bottled craft beer from the Lúdica brand such as Supermash and Serendipia; from the Wendlandt brand with drinks such as Foca Parlante and Veraniega; and from the Insurgente brand with drinks such as Juan Cordero and Rompeolas.

Regarding their barrel-aged beers, there are Vigía, Baja Kölsch by Lúdica, Tiniebla, a Witbier by Insurgente, and Perro del Mar, an IPA by Wendlandt.

In addition, due to International Beer Day, you can take advantage of this Friday and the whole weekend to try out all of these aforementioned craft beers. Remember: don't drink and drive!


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