Young women fall off kayak in La Bufadora without life jackets

The young women were aided by their friend on another boat which is why, despite a few minutes of tension, this situation did not end in tragedy

La Bufadora is one of Baja California’s main tourist attractions. Part of the municipality of Ensenada, this marine geyser is the second biggest in the world. The height that the waves reach here and the unique sound they cause are iconic.

However, this natural wonder also contains some risks for people, especially when visitors don’t follow recommendations or when people who organize touristic attractions are negligent.

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On Sunday afternoon, two young women were shocked while rowing their kayak in La Bufadora.

The tide pushed their boat above some rocks where they were unable to get off from for more than a minute until the sea dragged them back. However, this force was so strong that the boat capsized and they fell into the water.

However, they were not wearing life jackets or any additional protection; taking into account the intensity of the tide at La Bufadora, this could have easily become a tragedy.

A few moments later, however, a friend of theirs helped them to get on her boat without them requiring any kind of medical assistance.

This incident was caught on video and shared on social media, where users questioned the safety measures of the people who organize these activities.

VIDEO: Young women fall off kayak in La Bufadora without life jackets


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