Great Grape Harvest by Cetto will delight locals and foreigners in Valle de Guadalupe

Cetto is preparing for one of winemaking’s most important yearly traditions as they celebrate their 95th anniversary

La Gran Vendimia (Grape Harvest) also known as La Fiesta de Colores (The Festival of Colors) will take place in Cetto once again to celebrate and bless the first grape harvest of 2023.

This amazing celebration gathers lovers of wine and local and foreign tourists so they can have great fun experiences and learn all about one of Baja California’s main attractions.

The harvesting of grapes is a tradition that cultures around the world created and/or adopted to thank the gods when harvesting grapevines. Currently, they are still celebrated in winemaking regions around the world including Baja California.

In 1924, 24-year-old Luigi Angelo Cetto was part of the "San Cristoforo Farmers” group that sailed from Italy to our continent, bringing with them the knowledge of three generations regarding harvesting grapevines.

In 1928, Don Angelo began making wines in Mexico which positioned themselves quite significantly in the markets of France, Spain, Germany, Canada, the United States, Japan, among others.

One of the most important traditions that immigrated with him was the harvest festival, which would be called years later "La Fiesta de Colores" by his son, Luis Agustín Cetto, due to the colors that one can appreciate in the nature of Valle de Guadalupe during this season.

An intense blue sky, green fields, deep hues of the vine, and the ochre of the soil that merges with sunlight.

On the other hand, when harvesting grapes there is a particular experience and understanding that must be had regarding the soil, weather variations, the physiology of plants, unexpected environmental incidents, and harvesting needs.

And that’s because creating wine is an art where everything matters: from the field to the bottle. This thought has been inherited from generation to generation creating a winemaking lineage of visionaries, committed to keep growing from their hard work and the implementation of new technologies, without leaving behind the appreciation they have for the efforts of all the women and men who are involved in this process.

All of this has allowed them to better understand the processes that enhance the nature of wines, interpreted in each wine label by Grupo Cetto:

  • Línea Clásica
  • Sierra Blanca
  • Reserva Privada
  • Don Luis
  • Estaciones
  • Línea Boutique
  • Espumosos
  • Península
  • Conmemorativos

Mexico’s oldest winemaking family currently has vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe, San Vicente, San Antonio de las Minas, and Tecate, and they have boutiques in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Tijuana, and Mexico City.

This 100% Mexican company has been in operation for 4 generations harvesting grapevines and creating wines, making history with each tank and barrel at Cetto wineries that has resulted in 893 international awards. For example, it was recently awarded as the Mexican Winery of the Year at the New York International Wine Competition.

On its 95th anniversary, close to a century in operations, Luis Alberto Cetto, the third Mexican generation of this story will lead this traditional harvest festival on Saturday, August 12.

La Fiesta de Colores will take place at Kilómetro 73.5 in Valle de Guadalupe in Ensenada, Baja California (Tecate-El Sauzal Highway). Starting at 12 PM, the following activities will begin to take place:

  • Thanksgiving mass and blessing of the first harvest.
  • The classic and fun Grape Stomping competition, which will allow you to experience how wine used to be made.
  • A delicious 4-course meal-pairing.
  • Musical show taking placing, with a beautiful sunset view surrounded by nature, at the bullfighting plaza in Bodega Cetto.
  • Afterparty with DJ and dinner.
  • 30 wine labels to try out and enjoy.

Tickets for La Fiesta de Colores can be purchased by clicking here.

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