This Friday! Ticket sale for match between Julio César Chávez vs Érik "Terrible" Morales begins in Tijuana

Julio César Chávez will say goodbye to the world of boxing in his fight against Érik Morales in Tijuana

On Monday, March 27, at a press conference, details were given about the event “El último adiós” (The Last Goodbye), an exhibition match between Julio César Chávez and Érik “El Terrible” Morales which will take place on May 20 in the city of Tijuana.

In front of media outlets, the fighters of this boxing match, Julio César Chávez and Érik Morales were present. Champion Jackie “La Princesa Azteca” Nava, Omar Chávez, son of the Mexican legend, who thanked the press for being there and for the support they had given to his father, and Julio Chávez Jr. who is returning to boxing, were also present.

One of the most outstanding announcements was the one made by Tijuana native boxer Jackie Nava, who announced her retirement from boxing at the next exhibition match on May 20. The Mexican champion stated that it is an honor being able to retire in the same lineup as Julio César Chávez, one of the best boxers, pound by pound, in the history of boxing.

For his part, Julio César Chávez stated that the next exhibition match is something he is quite looking forward to, although he recognizes that it is now harder to get up to the ring. He stated that though he cannot deny the passage of time, age is just a number. He also took a moment to recognize Érik Morales’ career who, he said, has put Tijuana’s name on the map in the world of boxing.

This event will take place on May 20 in the city of Tijuana. It is the “last goodbye” of the Mexican boxing legend, Julio César Chávez, who will celebrate his 60th birthday on the ring.

Tickets will be on sale on Friday, March 31 and their cost will range from $300 pesos ($16 dollars) to $7,500 pesos ($410 dollars). Event organizers have said that prices are affordable thanks to a request made by Julio César Chávez. In the next few days, sale outlets will be revealed.

This event will be broadcasted through Box Azteca, however, the platform where it will be livestreamed still hasn’t been revealed.

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