Baja Window to the South tours historic and incomparable places in Playas de Rosarito

In this latest episode, some of the most emblematic places in Rosarito were visited; excellent spots for tourists to experience

Baja California is a place full of charm in a lot of ways. From landscapes to its delicious and innovative gastronomy, the Baja California peninsula has become one of the most notable destinations to visit.

As such, it is always important to ask which are the best places to rest while enjoying a good gastronomic dish or a glass of wine. Baja Window to the South takes us to one of the most emblematic places in the region: Rosarito Beach Hotel, the biggest hotel in Baja California, a recommended place for everyone who wants to have an excellent experience inside one of the buildings which has become one of the region’s historic landmarks.

During the guided tour by Hugo Torres, the President and General Manager of the hotel, he spoke about the history of the hotel which was founded by his uncle Manuel Barbachano in 1924. He stated that throughout the years, the hotel has been a spot where many celebrities have come to enjoy their facilities. For example, Golden Age of Mexican Cinema star, María Felix, director Orson Wells; Marilyn Monroe, Juan Gabriel, and Rita Hayworth.

Currently, the Rosarito Beach Hotel continues to be an important place in the region, as it has a variety of places to enjoy. Baja Window to the South not only went to the conventional areas of this hotel, but also took one of the pleasant tours that the hotel offers. There are incredible sunset views that this hotel has that can be enjoyed with a delicious cup of coffee, accompanied with a delicious dessert.

In addition, the city of Rosarito has attractive methods of entertainment for children. The Rosarito Boys & Girls Club provides fun, high-quality bilingual education for them.

The Boys and Girls Club is a key place where children can carry out recreational activities to give them tools to develop their talents. They can also experience the feeling of swimming and surfing in Baja.

Baja Window to the South also visited a restaurant with one of the best seaside views in Rosarito. We are talking about the beautiful restaurant Los Portales, whose architecture already has much to say as it is a stone structure built in front of the sea, which makes it one of the most attractive constructions in the Pacific and in all of Mexico.

What makes Los Portales so attractive is the great variety it offers its visitors. In the mornings, clients can enjoy a delicious breakfast while watching the morning waves at the restaurant shore; in the afternoon, they can enjoy delicious gastronomic dishes during sunsets.

Baja Window to the South shows us the mythical places, full of magic and charm of Baja California, these places will be able to convince anyone that wants to have a good resting and relaxation time as you’ll have amazing views, in places full of history and wonder.

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