Team of Baja Californian chef Marcelo Hisaki wins award at gastronomic Bocuse d’Or competition in France

It has been 12 years since a Mexican team managed to get to the final

Bocuse d’Or is the most important gastronomic event in the world and it takes place in Lyon, France. With this competition, the world discovers which countries have the best and most innovative dishes.

This year, this particular competition is very important, especially for Baja Californians, as we have a team that represents this delicious cuisine. It should be noted that the team led by chef Marcelo Hisaki, who has a restaurant in Tecate, consists of mostly regional chefs.

The competition began at 8:45 AM (Tijuana Time) and hasn’t concluded yet. However, the Mexican team managed to win an award. It should be noted that this is a great achievement as it has been 12 years since a Mexican team reached the final, least of all win an award.

Members of the Mexican team:

-Chef Reyna Venegas, General Coordinator
-Chef Diego Vargas, Logistics
-Chef Jairo Villalvaso, Assistant Trainer
-Chef Janina Garay, Culinary Counselor
-Chef Lorena Colina, Culinary Counselor on site
-Chef Izael Silva

The award won by the Mexican team is the Social Commitment Award, which is given for their social participation in areas related to diets and food, awarded by a jury consisting of several renowned international professionals, recognized for their commitment and experience with these issues.

At the Bocuse d’Or livestream, one can see that the chefs were quite happy with the results. As always, Baja Californians show, once more, that the region has the very best when it comes to gastronomy.

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