Baja Californian chef Marcelo Hisaki prepares for Bocuse d’Or final in France

The participation of this Mexican team is a great accomplishment as it has been more than 12 years since a Mexican team was able to reach the Bocuse d’Or Grand Final

Soon one of the most important gastronomic competitions in the world will take place in Lyon, France: Bocuse d’Or. It will take place on January 22 and January 23, 2023 and Baja Californians are very interested due to the fact that Chef Marcelo Hisaki will represent Mexico.

The chef, who has a restaurant in Tecate, created a team which consists of people mostly from Baja California. Among which, the standout is Tijuana native chef Izael Silva, who, despite her young age (21 years) and being a culinary student, she managed a spot in this team for this important competition which gathers the best chefs in the world.

Izael Silva
Izael Silva

“It was thanks to my parents’ support and efforts that I started studying at the Culinary Art School, where I earned a scholarship that allowed me to discover and acquire many new experiences. When I was studying there, I had the opportunity of meeting Chef Marcelo Hisaki,” she shared to Bocuse d’Or Mexico.

In addition, she shared that Hisaki was her teacher and she saw potential in him to create the team that will represent Mexico in this world competition: “It is an honor for me to achieve my dream of representing my country and its gastronomy in the world’s most important culinary competition,” she claimed.

On the other hand, the participation of this Mexican team is an achievement due to the fact that it has been more than 12 years since a Mexican team was able to reach the Bocuse d’Or Grand Final. If you want to learn a little bit more about the team led by Chef Marcelo Hisaki, here’s a list of who is a part of this team:

-Chef Reyna Venegas, General Coordinator
-Chef Diego Vargas, Logistics.
-Chef Jairo Villalvaso, Assistant Trainer
-Chef Janina Garay, Culinary Advisor
-Chef Lorena Colina, Culinary Advisor on site

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