Marina del Pilar delivers sports scholarships in Tijuana

The governor of Baja California led the ceremony where sports stimuli were given to more than 700 Tijuana native athletes

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, led the delivery of awards for athletes and trainers who triumphed significantly at the 2022 CONADE National Games, as well as international events that occurred in the second semester of the year. These awards were also accompanied by sports stimuli at Centro de Alto Rendimiento in Tijuana.

In total, 705 athletes and coaches were benefitted for a total amount of $4,434,000 pesos, with the individual amount varying depending on the medal won and the event where it was obtained.

At the ceremony, the general director of the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of Baja California (INDE BC), Lourdes Cañez Martínez, was present, as well as archery athlete, Luis “Abuelo” Álvarez who won a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. At this symbolic delivery, fencer Natalia Botello received from the governor a stimulus due to her national and international achievements.

“Young people, you fill us with excitement and pride every time you are on a podium and win medals. You are making sure that we will continue to work to promote sports in our communities. You have been accompanied by your parents and all the sacrifices they have made, they bring you here, they boost you, they give you the tools so you can continue developing your sports abilities along with your trainers so you can then carry with pride, in your chest, the name of Baja California,” underscored Marina del Pilar.

At the ceremony, which took place at “Plaza de las Banderas”, the sports which were benefited were taekwondo, indoor and beach volleyball, boating, racquetball, diving, shooting, judo, wrestling, fencing, athletics, cycling, and badminton.

“We know that there is a lot of effort involved and the investment is quite huge so you can achieve your sports goals, which is why we have increased economic involvement thanks to the support by Governor Marina del Pilar. With this, we are looking to motivate new generations to not give up on their dreams and to keep working hard to achieve what you are achieving right now,” Cañez Martínes stated.

Sports stimuli and aid are delivered by the government of Baja California twice a year and soon, they will be delivered in the municipalities of Mexicali and Ensenada.

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