4 of the Best 100 Restaurants of Latin America are in Baja California

The World’s 50 Best published a list of Latin America’s 100 Best Restaurants

The World’s 50 Best is a website where lists are created by company William Reed Businesses in the United Kingdom, who are in charge of advertising the best restaurants in the world. This is all based on a poll made to international chefs.

Being a part of this list is an amazing achievement and a symbol of transcendent cuisine. 4 restaurants in Baja California were highlighted on the “Latin America’s 100 Best Restaurants” list.

Find out more about these restaurants:

Fauna in Valle de Guadalupe

This is ranked #16 and it is a restaurant located in Valle de Guadalupe. According to Chef Castro Hussong, its concept is something a little more experimental, since their philosophy is to have fun while cooking. They play with ingredients so that each person tastes a unique, delicious, and unparalleled dish.

Villa Torél in Ensenada

This place in Ensenada was ranked #18 on this prestigious restaurant list. It is no surprise, since this Ensenada restaurant has awesome reviews and it is also a beautiful place with a very interesting view. According to its Facebook page, they have everything from meats to delicious salads.

Villa Torél is the community of Valle de Guadalupe. Family, friends, providers, colleagues; all of them are the drivers that help us continue what we are passionate about. Thanks to all of those involved at the @theworlds50best organization who noticed our restaurant. Thanks to all the cooks and restaurants that have inspired and motivated us to continue on this gastronomy journey,” they stated when they found out they had been placed on this list.

Manzanilla in Ensenada

Ranked #54 is Manzanilla, also located in Ensenada. This restaurant’s main highlight is their seafood:

Before the boom of haute cuisine in Baja California and the fame spread about its wines and sea ingredients, the state’s emblematic dish was fish tacos, famous since the 1950s. But the fishing industry of the Ensenada port is what marked the culinary legacy of this region,” they stated on their official website.

If you want to find out more about their delicious and varied menu, click here.

Animalón in Valle de Guadalupe

Lastly, at #100, there is Animalón located in Valle de Guadalupe. This restaurant is owned by Javier Plascencia, so you can imagine the quality of the products you will find here. Besides its great cuisine, Animalón is known for having an excellent wine selection. In fact, on their official Facebook page they have claimed that “wine is as important as a good ingredient in the kitchen”.

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