Baja California

Marina del Pilar will allocate vehicular regularization money to improve the roads of Baja California

The state administration has notified the state’s municipalities that the money will be allocated to benefit Baja Californian families

Governor Marina del Pilar revealed that, coordinating with the federal government, they will provide support to Baja Californian families so that they can regularize their vehicles and improve roads. Approximately, 178.4 million pesos will be allocated to the state’s municipalities in order to close a cycle of benefits for the state’s families.

As such, Marina del Pilar underscored the sensitivity shown by the president who, in coordination with the Baja Californian government, coordinated a program that represents a social benefit for families, giving certainty to car owners regarding their assets.

For his part, Secretary of Finance of Baja California Marco Antonio Moreno Mexia added that in the last few months, the state’s operational units of car regularization have been strengthened in order to withstand the increase in demand after an extension of the presidential decree until December 31st.

The state official also stated that Baja California will receive, due to these processes, a first delivery of 178,477,500 pesos. According to the federal government, this money will be allocated in the following way:

Tijuana: 78,255,000 pesos
Mexicali: 45,995,000 pesos
Ensenada: 33,817,500 pesos
Tecate: 13,145,000 pesos
Playas de Rosarito: 7,265,000 pesos

Additionally, more news are expected regarding the arrival of more federal resources for all municipalities. These resources have been generated thanks to the extraordinary income obtained from the foreign vehicle regularization program.

Lastly, Marina del Pilar emphasized that the state government will continue to collaborate with the Vehicular Public Registry (REPUVE) to give certainty and legality to the highest number of vehicles possible. She invited all Baja Californian car owners who haven’t scheduled their appointment to do so in order to regularize their car. For more information on what to do and how to start go to:

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